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Sclerotherapy Consultation

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used to improve the appearance of spider, reticular, and small varicose veins in the legs.  Sclerotherapy involves injecting the veins directly with a prescription solution which irritates the lining of the veins causing them to collapse, stick together, and clot. Overtime the veins turn to scar tissue and fade from view. *

The procedure involves injecting the veins directly with a substance called Asclera (polidocanol).

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

  • FDA approved, safe, effective, and non-surgical

  • Fast office procedure lasting 15-30 minutes per session

  • Relatively comfortable procedure with minimal downtime

  • Improvements can be seen after a single treatment, but most often is done in a series *

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* Every patient is special and unique, and treatment results may vary from person to person. Photos, videos, testimonials, and descriptions on this website are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed.