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Obagi ®

Monarch Aesthetic Medicine is proud to offer select Obagi® systems and products

Clinically proven to help correct and improve signs of skin aging, the Obagi skin care system is specially formulated to transform your complexion for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.


Skin aging is a natural, gradual process, but daily sun exposure can accelerate premature aging, slowing down the turnover of skin cells between healthy new cells and old damaged cells.

Obagi® products, combined with a customized skin-treatment plan can reverse the signs of skin damage and keep you looking your best. 

Our aestheticians are trained to select the best products and services for your skin needs.

Before and After

Obagi® systems are used to treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation (discoloration)

  • Age spots

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Rough skin

  • Skin laxity (loss of elasticity)

  • Erythema (redness)

  • Sallowness (yellowish complexion)

  • Acne

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